The promoters of Skylab India are having vast rich experience in developing and manufacturing cleaning products for MNC's and their respective brands. The brands they have processed are,
  Brand of 501 detergent cake, Brand of OK detergent cake, Brand of OK Washing powder for M/S. Tata Oil Mills Company Ltd
Brand of Wheel detergent cake & powder for Hindustan Lever Limited
Brand of Chek detergent cake, Brand of Regal detergent cake for M/S. Shawallace & Co Ltd
Brand of Det detergent cake, Brand of Swasthic Sikai shampoo, Brand of Sway washing powder and Brand of Genteel liquid detergent for
  M/S. Swasthik Surfactants Ltd
Brand of Odopic Scouring bar, Brand of Odopic Scouring powder for M/S.Balsara Hygienic Products Ltd.
Brand of Mysore detergent cake for M/S Karnatakasoaps & Detergents
Brand of Henko Matic, Brand of Henko Champion, Brand of Chek detergent cake, Brand of Mr.White and the Brand of Pril dish washing
  product for Henkel.